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What is ETher NDE All About?

Welcome to ETher NDE. We are a dedicated manufacturer of Eddy Current Testing (ECT) non-destructive testing NDT equipment, probes and accessories design and manufacture company. ETher NDE offers the best in eddy current NDT specialists and knowledge for all your eddy current NDT application issues.

At ETher NDE we provide eddy current NDT flaw detectors (AeroCheck, WeldCheck, Vantage G2, ETi-200, Veritor, Victor 2) ECT conductivity meters (SigmaCheck), ET aircraft wheel inspection systems; (Veescan H and Veescan R), ECT probes, weld probes (including high temperature) and EC rotary drives; (Saturn, Mercury), special eddy current probe design, eddy current accessories and test blocks.

What's New From ETher NDE?


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DUAL FREQUENCY Eddy Current Flaw Detector Plus:

Rotary Drive Capabilities As Standard

Up To 10 Hours Battery Life With A Pencil Probe And 7 Hours With A Rotary Drive

Industry Standard Probe Connectors

Large, Crisp Daylight Readable Display

Easy To Use

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Rotary Drive Capabilities As Standard

Up To 10 Hours Battery Life With A Pencil Probe And 7 Hours With A Rotary Drive

Industry Standard Probe Connectors

Large, Crisp Daylight Readable Display

User Friendly Interface

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Large, Crisp Daylight Readable Display

Easy to Use 

8.5 Hrs + Battery Life

Industry Standard Probe Connectors

Great Eddy Current Performance

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What's the WeldCheck ECT Flaw Detector all about?

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Everything Eddy Current (ECT) NDT:

eti-200 image

AeroCheck ECT Flaw

Specifically designed and manufactured for the
Aerospace Industry in the
UK. Rotary capabilities as standard.

WeldCheck ECT Flaw

Daylight viewable screen,
8.5 hours plus battery life & industry standard probe connectors. The right Tool for
the Job!

ETI-200 ECT Flaw Detector:
Advanced multi-frequency and
multi-channel flaw detection.



vantage G2 with probes image SigmaCheck ECT conductivity Meter image

Vantage G2 EC Flaw

Fully featured Eddy Current
Flaw Detector, which allows
true single hand operation.


SigmaCheck ET Conductivity Meter: 
Designed to provide the user
with fast and accurate conductivity measurements at
a reasonable price. 

VEESCAN ECT Aircraft Wheel Inspection System: 
Ideal in all aircraft wheel-testing


Veritor Eddy current Flaw Detector image Victor EC Flaw Detector Image

Veritor EC Flaw Detector:
utstanding signal-to-noise performance, unmatched on
the market. 

Victor ET Flaw Detector:
or automated applications
such as component testing,
the ViCTor perfectly suits its

Full Range of Eddy Current Weld Probes: 
Specifically designed for the task of weld inspection of non-ferrous welds and steel structures.


Eddy Current Rotary Drives:
Saturn High Torque Rotary Drive& Mercury Smaller
Rotary Drive compatible with
ETi-200,Vantage G2, Hocking Phasec 2 and 3 and 4 Pin Fischer Rotary Probes.

Special Probe Design: 
At ETher NDE we have a well established history of being able to assist our clients with their 'Special Probe' needs with over 200 years of NDT experience!




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