Mercury Eddy Current (ECT) Rotary Drive

We are pleased to be able to offer two Rotary Drives to meet your application needs. 

Eddy current rotary inspections of fastener holes and countersinks are performed routinely in the Aircraft Maintenance Industry and now the method is also being used increasingly in the power generation industry for the inspection of bolt-holes on wind turbines. High-speed surface inspection is also another area of increasing usage.


  • Hole Inspection
  • Countersink Inspection
  • Surface Inspection
The Mercury Rotary Drive is perfect for tight spaces due to its small size. The Mercury Rotary Drive is designed and manufactured in-house.

The Mercury Rotary Drive is compatible with:

With every Rotary Drive, you need Rotary Probes. At ETher NDE we have a range of Eddy Current Rotary Probes available as well as the ability to design and manufacture Application specific Rotary Probes for you. With an in-house Probe Design Team, we are sure that we can provide you with the fastest and best service available. If you have a Rotary Probe enquiry, please email us directly here.