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Maxwell NDT and Ether NDE offer the Maxwell NDT PECT system, a remarkably capable pulsed eddy current inspection system that has been designed with decades of practical in-service experience at its very core, by one of the founding fathers of Pulsed Eddy Currents.

ETher NDE represent globally their pulsed eddy current technology (PECT) product.  PECT has been developed primarily to detect corrosion hidden under insulation. Previous instruments often lacked the power to be fast and effective. Using the latest battery technology, MAXWELL NDT introduces a novel and very powerful PECT instrument with a design based on 20 years’ hands-on experience at a global Oil Company.

With unbeatable inspection capability and a truly simple user interface, we challenge you to test the Maxwell system side by side against any other PEC system and prepare to be surprised!  A simple, capable and affordable PEC inspection tool.


 Exclusive Worldwide Distribution through ETher NDE Ltd. 

Contact us by email at  or by telephone at +44 (0)1582 767912


The MAXWELL NDT Pulsed Eddy Current (PECT) instrument has been designed to offer a superior signal to noise ratio, in comparison to other instruments currently available. This is in part due to: 


• High current compact magnetic field probe

• Fast single pulse

• High Current NiMH batteries (hot swappable) combined with a high power pulse, due to large conductor diameter cabling.


The resulting superior signal delivers:


• Large range in wall thickness, up to 50mm (2") and  insulation thicnkness combined, hence well suite to Vessel inspection not just piping/pipelines.

• High Speed testing at high insulation/lift-off distance.

• Extremely robust design delivers outstanding performance under the typical rigours associated with on-site inspection.

• Easy to use and intuitive software has been developed with the NDT technician in mind, simple reporting on-board the instrument and on your desktop PC.

Excel format data provides easy compatability with other applications.

• All inclusive lifetime pricing means no annual software support fees.

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