At ETher NDE we design and manufacturer all our Eddy Current (ECT) probes in house and with the ability to design your probes to the exact non-destructive testing (NDT) application you have, even the 'simple' Pencil Probe becomes specific to you. 

With the most common Eddy Current (EC) Pencil Probes available 'on-stock', we can promise you rapid delivery on these Probes, meaning that you can be back to inspecting in the fastest possible time.


  • Equally applicable to the high frequency surface inspection of Ferromagnetic and Non-Ferrous Material.
  • Double shielded for use close to materials edges and vertical metal faces (mass effect) with both an outer stainless and an inner ferrite shielding.
  • Featuring a plastic handle made from Delrin with neoprene rubber rings and finger scallops for comfortable and stress free handling leading to a more reliable and accurate inspections.
  • Dis-connectable using a microdot connector for rapid changeover. 
  • Locking 4 way lemo connector available with InBal Probes.
  • InBal probes feature an internal balance load and thus simplify setup and offer the ultimate in signal to noise ratio permitting smaller defect to be detected.
  • Standard probe frequencies available with a wide range of operating frequency 200kHz (50-600kHz), 500kHz (150k-1.5MHz), 2MHz (650k-6MHz) and 6MHz (2-18MHz) meaning one probe may be used for a wider range of applications.
  • Each frequency (except 6MHz) available in standard and fine tip size.
  • Probes offered as standard with fixed dimensions but can be supplied in many other configurations.

Need an equivalent Eddy Current (ET) probe from another manufacturer? Then please just ask us as we understand most of our competitors part numbers.

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